October 19, 2021

Location TBA 

Minimally Invasive Grafting and Comprehensive Ridge Augmentation

Daniel Cullum, DDS

Meeting Schedule:

Business Meeting

Speaker Presentation

Grafting of extraction defects and augmentation of alveolar deficiencies are critical for adequate bone volume and long-term implant esthetics and stability. Technological advances using comprehensive diagnosis, planning and dynamic navigation surgery have proven to be highly effective for patient-centric care. The continuum of evidence based minimally invasive techniques and materials will be presented. These include open and closed grafting techniques (GBR, tent screws, bone cores and tunneling) and ridge expansion We will discuss the important role of selection of graft materials, biologics and amnion/chorion in wound healing to advance minimally invasive treatment for our patients.


Learning Objectives

Identify the role of CBCT and planning/navigation software as technologies to advance diagnosis and planning in patient-centric care.

Apply minimally invasive surgical techniques for grafting and horizontal augmentation based on anatomy of bone and soft tissue defects.


Describe surgical treatment options for tissue engineering/enhanced wound healing, open grafting and simultaneous implant placement with management extraction defects and horizontal deficiencies

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