March 23, 2021

6 pm ZOOM Meeting 

Are You Ready for Anesthesia/Medical Emergencies?

O. Ross Beirne, DMD, PHD

Professor, University of Washington

This program will use Kahoot, a game-based learning platform that will let you test your skills in the diagnosis and treatment of anesthesia/medical emergencies.  You will use your smart phone or iPad to connect to the game to answer multiple choice questions.  You do not need a special app and you will play the game using an anonymous name and earn points for choosing the correct answer and for the speed of your choice.  The first, second, and third place players with the three highest scores will be announced following the end of the game.  You will not only test your knowledge but will be able to compare your score with the three top players.  It will be a fun opportunity to confirm your skills at managing anesthesia/medical emergencies and may let you know if you have any weakness that need review.  You play the game anonymously so no one will know your score.

Educational Objectives for participants:

  1. List the techniques for the management of common anesthesia/medical emergencies.
  2. Test their skills in the management of anesthesia/medical emergencies.
  3. List the sign/symptoms of common anesthesia/medical emergencies.
  4. Know how to evaluate a patient’s airway to avoid complications associated with anesthesia administration.
  5. List medications needed to manage common anesthesia/medical emergencies

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